The ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) evaluates algorithms for object detection and image classification at large scale. One high level motivation is to allow researchers to compare progress in detection across a wider variety of objects -- taking advantage of the quite expensive labeling effort. Another motivation is to measure the progress of computer vision for large scale image indexing for retrieval and annotation.

For details about each challenge please refer to the corresponding page.


Every year of the challenge there is a corresponding workshop at one of the premier computer vision conferences. The purpose of the workshop is to present the methods and results of the challenge. Challenge participants with the most successful and innovative entries are invited to present. Please visit the current challenge page for the workshop schedule and information.


When reporting results of the challenges or using the datasets, please cite:

Additional references

These are some additional publications directly related to collecting the challenge dataset and evaluating the results. These papers are all discussed in the main paper above. Please refer to the individual challenge webpages for information about the most successful entries, and to the ImageNet publications page for a complete list of publications.


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