Frequently Asked Questions about submitting to ILSVRC2013

The intent of ILSVRC2013 is to showcase current methods for large-scale recognition including image classification, object localization, and -- new for this year -- object detection. The goal of this FAQ is to clarify submission details and how the competition ranking will work.

Q: Where is the submission site?

Q: How many methods can a team submit?
Participants who have investigated several algorithms may submit one result per method for each competition. Changes in algorithm parameters do not constitute a different method - all parameter tuning must be conducted using the training and validation data alone (following the procedure used in PASCAL VOC).

Q: What is the submission format?
The submission format for each of the three competitions is specified in readme.txt. Please ensure that your submission is in the right format. We will do our best to notify you if we notice something glaringly wrong (but please do not count on it).

Q: What training data may be used?
Results from all entries will be recorded and ranked. For each competition, there will be a winner among the entries that only use the posted competition data (as specified in the competition rules in readme.txt). There will also be a ranking of results using arbitrary training data.

Q: How is winner determined?
The evaluation details for each of the three competitions are specified in readme.txt. The winner of the DET competition will be the team which achieves first place in average precision on the most object categories (following the procedure in PASCAL VOC). The winner of the CLS and CLS+LOC will be the team with the lowest overall error.

Q:When is the deadline?
The main deadline is November 15th at 5pm PST. Please submit your team name, author list and abstract by this date. In addition, for each method you are developing please submit a results file and a brief description (including a summary of any outside training data that was used) by this date. Invitations to present at the ICCV workshop will be based on these submissions.
If you choose, you may update any of the results files through November 22nd at 5pm PST. You will not be able to make any other changes to your submission after November 15th. The winner of each competition will be determined after November 22nd.

Q:Who will be invited to present at the ICCV workshop?
Decisions about invitations to the workshop at ICCV will be based on the method and performance (as of Nov. 15th) of the entries. All submitted entries will be considered, including entries which used outside training data. Presenters will be notified by November 18th

Q:Why is there no track allowing outside training data?
There will be one next year!

Q:What if I have other questions?
Please feel free to send any questions or comments to